Simuator Radar System

Modular Training Systems
for Aviation Academies & Universities.

Sky Radar delivers modern, modular radar and cargo training solutions 

with measurable safety and business improvement outcomes.

Why SkyRadar?

Broad & Seamless Portfolio of Radars

No other vendor and a comparably large portfolio of primary and secondary training radars (Pulse, FMCW, FSK, CW, ADS-B) and simulators. Fully integratable and easy to use, the SkyRadar modules can be used by hundreds of students concurrently. 

Perfectly suited for the training and qualification requirements in the ATCO, ATSEP and higher education and research context, SkyRadar is the preferred choice of many academies and universities, worldwide.

Innovative & Patented Technology

SkyRadar’s technology builds on our innovative EU and US patents, allowing for concurrent use of each by many students, all doing different manipulations and experiments. 

Innovative & Trend-Setting in Aviation Security

Aviation security and effectiveness requires a solutions in cargo and baggage handling, electronic supply chains, scanning and access control, or cyber-security. SkyRadar’s modules allies them into an integrated end-to-end solutions, allowing for targeted training, without losing the overall context.

Industrial equipment, as used in the airport context provides a perfect setting for IATA qualification, all while making the learners read for the challenges of the 21st century.     

Expert Experience from Countless Projects

We love our subjects and focus on it. No general electronic training, no refrigeration, no cattle raising. Just Radar and Aviation!

This is why we can look back on many reference implementations and make you benefit from our expertise.