Primary Surveillance Radar

S-Band Primary Surveillance Radar

  • Morava Primary Radar System
  • Digital radar signal processing system;
  • Coherent receiver and transmitter provide detection quality improvement;  
  • Solid-state transmitter with air cooling;
  • Linear and circular polarization decrease the influence of weather clutter;  
  • Digital generation and compression of signals provides higher stability;
  • Processing of meteorological information;  
  • Adaptive regulation of parameters of the digital receiver decrease amount of false targets detections;  
  • Built-in PSR digital target extractor & integrated with MSSR
  • Control and Monitoring System (CMS);
  • Built-In Test Equipment (BITE); 
  • System for analyzing, recording and replaying of the radar data;  
  • Operation of the radar without continuous staff presence;
  • Software uses Linux based operating system; 
  • One of the best price and quality ratio on the market.

S-Band Antenna and Pedestal

  • PSR antenna co-mounted with MSSR;
  • Two-channel PSR antenna system;
  • High performance rotary-joint;
  • Dual-motor antenna drive system;
  • Continuous control of vibration, temperature and oil level values.

S-Band Antenna and Pedestal

  • Solid-state amplifier modules, hot swappable for improved system availability
  • 2 Pre-amplifiers
  •  Convection Air cooling for improved equipment reliability
  •  Fail-Safe power supplies
  •  Fast start-up
  • Redundancy Fail-soft architecture