GATR deployable inflatable satellite communication terminals. GATR’s unique inflatable design enables deployment of high-bandwidth terminals in as few as two cases, making it ideal for first-in deployments and remote application. The GATR is currently used by U.S. and foreign military, intelligence, and homeland security, as well as commercial and non-governmental organizations at Ku-, C-, and X-band for all types of data and voice transmissions and other IP enabled activities. GATR’s antennas perform like rigid deployable antennas of the same size, but provide up to 85% reduction in the logistical size/weight of those systems.


Extreme Portability – Packs in as few as two cases (< 99 lbs) for a single-band 2.4 meter, versus 8+ cases for traditional rigid antennas – 50-80% less volume and weight than rigid satellite antennas

Lower Cost of Ownership – Drastically reduces shipping and satellite access costs

Reliability in Extreme Environments – Stable in high winds, and performs well in extreme heat and cold

Ease of Set Up – Can be set up and on satellite in 30 minutes

Ease of Setup

The system can be setup and on satellite in less than 30 minutes. Its smaller transport size also makes it easier to deploy to other areas faster than comparable rigid deployable satellite dishes.

Easier Transport for Rooftop Applications

Unlike large rigid dishes, the GATR system can be taken up to a building rooftop via a passenger elevator. The system is also packed in fewer cases than comparable rigid dishes, requiring less people to carry the system if having to use stairs to access the roof.