MESAIL STRATEGI PERKASA is a company on Military and IT Business. We is a growing company represents qualified and credible systems and solutions for intelligent surveillance, cyber security and counter surveillance covering intercept, grabber, location tracking as well as jammer systems. We are also represent the qualified Manufacturers as well as System Integrator for Air and Maritime Navigation Systems/Solutions both for Military and Civil Agencies. In the field of Electronic Defense the company represent Military Radar, Reconnaissance, and Under Sea System (RRUS), Electronic Warfare (EW), Electronic Support Measures (ESM).

In the field of civil aviation, we represent qualified products and systems for Civil Radar and ATM/ATC hardware as well as software/application for Command Centers and Airport Operations Application Systems. On Cyber Security, we are focus on develop an ecosystem and valuable cybersecurity services and products that help Military, Government, or Private Sectors to find solutions.

In the belief that “Ideas are the most advanced technology which you can see inside us”.

We are ready to serve and cooperate as Your Trustworthy and Reliable Business Partner.